Levi’s Story and the Impact of KSGN

My husband Eric and I decided to adopt little Levi after meeting him as a newborn. He was at a friend’s house that was an emergency shelter foster home where he was placed as a new born. His start in life was difficult since he was born drug-exposed, in a car to homeless parents, and with facial deformities. He was almost 1-year old and had not been placed into an adoptive home yet because of his medical issues. However, we were convinced that we had been led to him and that he would be a special addition to our family, so we decided to be his family regardless of what his medical future would be.

As I picked up Levi at the foster home to bring him to his new home, being only a baby and scared, he cried the entire drive home. Although only 10 minutes long, that drive was filled with his cries, and as I looked back at him in his car seat my heart went out to this little boy. What did our future hold? What did his future hold?  Just then the song by Steven Curtis Chapmen, “I Will Be Here” came on KSGN. As I listened to the words, with Levi crying in the background, I felt the Lord speak to my heart. “Jaci,” I heard Him say, “This is your commitment to Levi. He is going to be okay, because he now has a forever family that will always be there for him no matter what the future holds. Having a family makes all the difference.”

The very next day I had to take Levi to an Endocrinologist appointment that had been already set for him. I had no idea what was in store for us. The doctor informed me that Levi’s pituitary gland was off center in his brain because of his misshaped head. They needed to run tests to make sure this master glad was working as it should. The tests would be back in about a week and we would be called with the results. I put Levi in his car seat, got in the car and just sat there for a few minutes a little scared, not knowing what was next and prayed that God would be with us. As I turned on the car, the radio came on, and again I heard that same song. This time I felt the Lord telling me, “Jaci this is for you! I want you to know that whatever happens, it’s going to be OK. I will be there with you no matter what.”

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May 18, 2013.  
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The tests results showed that his pituitary gland was working fine. Since then, he has had a few corrective surgeries for his face,  and he will have some more throughout his life. He is the sweetest little boy that was born with a song in his heart and he makes the whole family so happy and is such a blessing to all of us. Whenever we are in the car and listening to KSGN and that song comes on, all the kids shout out “hey, it’s Levi’s song.” They all know the story very well, and it is a part of all our lives.

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