Open Letter to Riverside County

Dear Caring Riverside County:

Being a child in the foster system is scary, lonely, confusing and very traumatic.

Over 500,000 American children are in our foster care currently with 1/5 of them in So. California along. They, along with our brave adult military spent the last holidays away from home, without the comfort of family.  27,000 of these kids will age out of the foster system sometime this year. Only 46% will graduate high school and of those kids who age out, with 1 ½ years 93% will become homeless, incarcerated or dead.  Without the care and support of a loving family or at the least a caring adult, they will not make it.

As you read or hear the news today, you probably will not hear any of their stories or any of these sad statistics.  Because the truth is, America has failed these kids. These kids have been taken into protective custody and many times the outcomes for them are no better.

You and I can change that.  We know what the problems are and we now have the answer.  The one single FACTOR is caring adults that do something to help.  That is me and you! That is why we are writing you today.  We need people like you, in and around the Riverside area to help us become a part of the answer.  Foster Advocates Caring Together, of Riverside.

Feeling convicted?
With your help, we can help recruit more caring families to become foster/adoptive parents.  We can help find more caring adults to become Educational Representatives for a foster child that needs help and support to stay in school.  We can send our Riverside foster teens to one of our camp and help them set goals and get the support they need to plan for the future and go on to college or trade school. We can put on more Walks in the county to encourage and raise awareness on how our caring adults can help and become the answers for these kids.  We can all do something.  Everyone can buy our flag and fly it to show their support for foster children, social workers, foster families and all those who work so hard to help these kids.  We can educate our community and change the outcomes for these kids.

Convinced yet?
20.00 pays for the cost of the flag. If that is all you have, that will help support our cause.  If you can send more, or pay for flags for friends and family please do whatever you can.  The more flags we sell and fly the more the word gets out and the more kids we can help.

These kids may not be able to count on family for help, but they should be able to count on their community. They should be able to count on us. I hope we can count on you. You can help. You can do something!  They are just kids.  You are the one FACTOR that may make a difference for them.

As a special “thank you” for your gift of $20 or more to help a foster child, we will send you, a 3-foot by 5 foot Flag,  See the enclosed flyer for details.

Order Your Flag Now

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